First cheat caught – so what happens now?

Teaching Within the higher education sector, there has been a great deal of reflection on the subject of artificial intelligence since Chat GPT was launched. The key question so far has been about cheating.

Uppsala universitet

Uppsala student caught cheating using ChatGPT

Students The Disciplinary Committee at Uppsala University has issued a warning to a student who admitted cheating using ChatGPT. It is the first known case where a student was convicted for cheating using the chatbot.

AI chatbot compared to ghostwriters

Teaching There has been a great deal of heated discussion since the chatbot ChatGPT was launched. Just about everyone in the higher education sector has been talking about artificial intelligence. So when does it become cheating?

The Swedish Migration Agency warns of abuse of student visas

Education A report from the Swedish Migration Agency warns of abuse of student visas. Higher education institutions are seen as having incentives to accept students without setting high entrance requirements in order to bring in tuition fees. There was a mixed response to the report among the institutions examined in the report.

Four per cent experience sexual harassment

Work environment Women, young people and students are the groups that experience the most sexual harassment at Swedish higher education institutions, according to the first national study in the sector.