More and more foreign doctoral candidates are remaining in Sweden

Doctoral students The proportion of foreign doctoral candidates staying in Sweden has increased steadily since 2013. The question is what will happen now that the changes to the Aliens Act make it more difficult to obtain a residence permit. “Foreign doctoral candidates are crucial for the supply of skills in higher education,” says Anna Bengtsson at the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ.

Make digital meetings more engaging

Methodology If we stop regarding digital meetings as different from face-to-face meetings, they will be both more efficient and more enjoyable, says Jens Edlund, a docent in spoken communication at KTH.

Many new doctoral candidates from Asian countries

Doctoral students According to figures from the Swedish Higher Education Authority, the highest numbers of foreign doctoral candidates come from China, Germany, India and Iran.

He helps the police solve murders

Profiles Andreas Tillmar is the genetics researcher who played a large part in clearing up a double murder in Linköping in 2004 after 16 years. He developed the method and solved the genetic puzzle that identified the killer.

Utbrett missnöje med lönesättande samtal

Villkor En stor del av de medlemmar som har svarat på SULF:s enkät är missnöjda med sin senaste lönerevision. Hälften har fått sin nya lön via lönesättande samtal.