University staff lack support from employers after threats

Work environment According to a survey carried out by the Swedish Union of Civil Servants, ST, more than 60 per cent of the people working in higher education who have experienced threats and violence at work believe that they have not received sufficient support from their employer. At other state authorities, the corresponding figure is 31 per cent.

“You sit at home to get some peace and quiet”

Work environment The staff at Mälardalen University have now been working in activity-based office space in Eskilstuna for a couple of years. The union was critical of the solution right from the start, and still is. “But there is a certain amount of resignation that this is now how things are,” says local SULF chair Michaël Le Duc.

New education minister promises change

Politics The new Minister for Education, Mats Persson of the Liberal Party, has announced that the new government will implement "major reforms" in higher education and research.

All UK universities set to take strike actions

International The University and College Union, UCU, are taking strike actions. Around 70 000 members at 150 universities all around the UK are set to strike for three days, seeking pay rises due to the cost of living crisis.

Högskolan Väst

Criticism of activity-based workspaces at University West

Work environment University West is to be refurbished so that the staff will have activity-based workspaces rather than their own permanent office space. The union opposes this decision, says SULF representative Tobias Arvemo.

“More universities should conduct reviews”

Work environment After an external review by Karin Röding, Umeå University received 32 concrete suggestions on measures for dealing with sexual harassment. She believes that other higher education institutions could also benefit from the proposals.

Analysis shows flaw in legal process

Doctoral students It is unusual, but serious for the individual concerned when a doctoral appointment is not extended even though the supervision resources have not been withdrawn, says the Swedish Higher Education Authority.