Disagreement regarding new staff disciplinary board process in Lund

Law Lund University has revised its process for staff disciplinary board matters. The employee concerned is now not permitted to be present when the board makes a decision on dismissal or redundancy. Adam Brenthel, chair of the Saco-S local association in Lund, is critical. “Why do they need to change a process that works well?”

Foto: Ulrika Bergfors

Union critical of Umeå University’s gig jobs

Conditions Umeå University has begun advertising what it calls intermittent employment, i.e. positions that comprise zero percent of a full-time position. SULF says this is unacceptable.

Analysis shows flaw in legal process

Doctoral students It is unusual, but serious for the individual concerned when a doctoral appointment is not extended even though the supervision resources have not been withdrawn, says the Swedish Higher Education Authority.

Chalmers’ vice-chancellor received the largest salary increase

Conditions The vice-chancellors of higher education institutions received salary increases of between 1.7 and 2.2 per cent. The exception was the vice-chancellor of Chalmers, Stefan Bengtsson, whose salary increased by 8.5 per cent compared with 2021, as he also received a new appointment.

UKÄ: ”Accumulation of fixed-term positions unusual”

Conditions Temporary employment is very common in higher education. However, a report by UKÄ, the Swedish Higher Education Authority, shows that it is not as common for people to have different types of temporary contract consecutively.

From civil war to life as a doctoral candidate

Profiles Mohamed Al-Sabri left his everyday life of civil war for a research scholarship in Sweden. Four years later, he is a doctoral candidate at Uppsala University and feels secure, even though the journey towards his dream of a new life is far from over.

Report: ”Women do the academic housework”

Gender equality Women working in higher education feel that they are treated differently to their male colleagues. The risk of ill health and stress is therefore greater among women, according to a new report from SULF.

New proposal regarding residence permits

Research The Government proposes that foreign citizens with a residence permit for work be able to apply for a residence permit for doctoral studies without leaving the country.

Researchers forced abroad for newborn children’s residence permits

Law Foreign researchers whose children are born in Sweden must return to their home country to apply for a residence permit for the child – a costly process in terms of both time and money. Universitetsläraren has talked to some researchers who have been affected.