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More and more researchers
in a career dead end

Conditions A new report from SULF and the National Junior Faculty, NJF, shows that the number of researchers outside the higher education institutions' career development systems has increased dramatically in the past decade, and career paths have become increasingly unclear.

Lengthy pandemic
hits postdocs hard

Conditions Many postdocs have been impacted by the corona pandemic. Short contracts mean that delays at work hit particularly hard. Others are managing relatively well and have found ways to deal with the problems, but more and more postdocs may end up in a critical situation the longer the pandemic goes on.

Postdocs come together to make their voices heard

Careers Sonchita Bagchi didn’t want to just sit and cry over dreadful postdoc stories. That’s why she established Uppsala University Postdoc Association in 2017. Postdocs have begun to organise, and in 2018 a national postdoctoral researcher association was created.